Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Post's Matthew Rennie quantifies the Cavs' futility

From the Post's Terrapin Insider

"Among the Cavaliers' other dubious claims:

They're 118th in total offense with 251.25 yards per game (edging out Florida International, which has just 196.25 -- good grief!)
They're 117th in rushing offense with 66 yards per game (beating out San Diego State and SMU).
And if you're going to struggle to move the ball, you might as well just give it away: Virginia is 113th in turnover margin, having turned it over 14 times (five fumbles, nine interceptions) and taken it away just seven times (two fumbles, five interceptions)."

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Sun Video: Friedgen's Sept. 30 news conference

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Injury update, and it's not good...

According to the Sun's Jeff Barker, LB Adrian Moten is out 4-5 weeks after deciding to have wrist surgery. Also, four key players are listed as questionable: Da'Rel Scott, DE Mack Frost, WR Danny Oquendo (how big was he Saturday...) and CB Nolan Carroll. 

I'm starting to feel more nervous about Saturday's "trap game."
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Diamondback: Halftime adjustments pay off for Terps coaching staff

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Sun: "Much to improve for Terps"

Much to improve for Terps -- Sept. 29 Sphere: Related Content

Wash. Times: Terps are Sitting Pretty

"Terps are sitting pretty" -- Sept. 29 Sphere: Related Content

Monday, September 29, 2008

From one rabid Terp fan to another

Until recently, a website called Terrapinnation.org provided us with sort of a compendium of Terrapin information: links to blogs, news stories and videos. 

I had that website in mind when creating this blog: a place to find the latest Terp news, updated daily. I will also sprinkle in some commentary here and there. Enjoy, and please post my link when the opportunity presents itself. Go Terps!
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